Vatican hires world’s leading pro-homosexual corporations as advisors


In their efforts to bring “transparency” and “efficiency” and “financial reform” to the Government of the Vatican City State (the “Governatorato”), Vatican officials have managed to completely ignore the lack of moral credentials of the mega firms they have hired to carry out these tasks including the world’s top pro-lesbian, “gay,” bisexual, transgender (LGBT) consulting firm of Ernst & Young, now formally known as EY. [1] Nor, apparently, did Ernst & Young officers volunteer this information before signing their formal contract with the Vatican to seal their lucrative consultation deal. Nor, apparently, did the leaders of the Homosexual Collective Internationale feel constrained to publicly denounce this well-advertised, but incredulous business arrangement between the alleged “homophobic” Roman Catholic Church and the London-based corporate giant of Ernst & Young, the world’s most “gay friendly” employer. So permit me to do the honors.

EY Global Oversees a Vast Homosexual Network

As explained in EMEIA D & I – Diversity and inclusiveness review FY 13, EY includes “sexual orientation” in its definition of “diversity.” Thus EY Global Corporate and its member firms are committed to demonstrating “inspiring leadership in all areas of LGBT-related diversity practice.” [2] EY’s LGBT networking extends around the world including the Americas, Africa, the United Kingdom and Ireland. According to Victor Nieves, Co-Chair of UK&I EYGLES, one of the many LGBT networks created and funded by EY:

We are extremely excited to be featured in the Top 10 of the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index for the fourth consecutive year. Our strong presence in the index is great recognition of the work EY and the EYGLES LGBT+ network are doing to create a more inclusive workplace. It also provides us with a tremendous opportunity to develop additional support for our people, share best practice with other organizations and continue to go from strength to strength as a network! [3]