A statement regarding the path of renewal for the Legion of Christ

The General Chapter of the Legion of Christ issued a special statement in conjunction with the announcement of its new central government. The statement renews the Legion’s commitment to continue on the journey of conversion and renewal which “has advanced, but has not yet ended.”

Fr. Eduardo Robles Gil, LC, the newly elected General Director of the Legion, summarized the intention of this statement in the following way: “The Chapter marks both an ending and a new beginning. This is what many of the chapter fathers feel and that’s how we have expressed it in the chapter hall. But, so that it can truly be a new beginning, it is necessary to put the challenges of the past in their place. This is why the Chapter decided to publish a statement for the Legionaries, the members of Regnum Christi and for all those who have been following our recent history. We can’t erase the past. We have to learn the lessons, mourn what occurred, trust in God’s mercy and, like St. Paul, run forward in pursuit of the goal of reaching Christ.”

Included is a pronouncement regarding Fr. Marcial Maciel, with an apology to those who were hurt by him, as well as anyone hurt by the Legion congregation as a whole.