Linda HarveyExclusive: Linda Harvey zings ‘Big Abortion’ and ‘Big Breast’ for use of ‘fluffy’ color


I’m getting kind of tired of being manipulated by “pink.”

It’s the signature color of Planned Parenthood, one more sham to deceive women into feeling cuddly and protected as they seek services at a human slaughterhouse.

Big Abortion wants to attract you with the fluffy pink of their banners and T-shirts, to reassure you about your safety, to evoke in you a loving response to the little girl colors of innocence, childhood and goodness.

But the blood of unborn babies is not pink. It’s red. God help us, it’s red.

Thank the Lord, there’s another kind of blood that can cover these sins for women who want forgiveness and restoration, and that’s the blood of Jesus Christ. He will forgive even the repentant abortionist.

But it’s not just Planned Parenthood that’s weaponizing pink propaganda to mislead women. There’s the breast cancer “awareness” industry, or as some might call it, Big Breast.

And October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” So get ready to be conned.

There is a worthy fight here, of course. The statistics are daunting. The American Cancer Society reports that about 12 percent of American women will get breast cancer in their lifetimes. In 2015, several hundred thousand will contract the disease, and over 40,000 women will die.

Encouraging women stricken with breast cancer is vital, and the pink ribbons are a symbol of hope to many women desperate to hang on to a vision of life and not death. Still, many of us believe the visibility itself and the goal of “awareness” costs a ton, money that would better go toward research or education about prevention. Support does not have to be done with a gagillion dollars spent on promotion of pink ribbons, gift items, corporate tie-ins, races, etc. You can “Shop for the Cure” and buy jackets, boots, bracelets – you name it.

This may be corporate America’s bow to feminism, to say, “Hey, we support women! We are behind you.” They then can check “women” off the list of special interest group customers, just as many businesses unwisely support the “LGBT” lobby and their depraved, albeit temporary, theft of rainbows.

But guess what? There’s also profit in the pink ribbonizing of products. Campbell’s Soup doubled its monthly sales in October 2006 to Kroger when they plastered pink ribbons on soup cans.

Even the NFL does pink ribbons, for the love of Pete.

I say, stop with the branding of human suffering. It’s shallow, and the money could be better spent elsewhere. It is good news that breast cancer mortality has decreased 34 percent since 1990, so the funds must be doing some good. Still, 40,000 deaths a year is too many.

How can we trust the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s heartfelt claim to be “fighting” this disease and “racing for a cure”? The group caved in and gave $700,000 to Planned Parenthood several years back, despite the controversy over their mutual association. And as PP President Cecile Richards finally admitted just recently, Planned Parenthood clinics do not do mammograms.

But here’s a crucial question: why isn’t Komen telling women about one likely reason for the spike in incidence over the past few decades? It’s the abortion-breast cancer link. The rise leveled off around the year 2000, and the American Cancer Society says it’s because studies showed that hormone replacement therapy, with its high levels of estrogen, was associated with elevated breast cancer incidence. When women slowed down their use, breast cancer declined.

Yet there’s a persuasive case to be made for the connection to abortion. Many studies link excess estrogen the body does not properly process with later breast cancer, so contraceptives and abortion are easily culprits. The premature end to a pregnancy leaves a woman’s breast cells vulnerable to the hormone overload of a pregnancy artificially interrupted. This may boomerang on the bodies of some women years later.

The American Cancer Society site discusses the possible link between abortion and breast cancer with an ultimate denial, although framed with lots of hedging.

But recent reports keep coming in. One article at LifeNews.com is entitled, “73 Studies Have Examined Abortion and Breast Cancer, 53 Show Higher Risk.”

Admission of this reality would expose a Pandora’s box of offenses against women. It would be a crime to know this and not tell the truth, to instead pinkwash the most reliable breast cancer prevention advice for millions of females: “Don’t ever have an abortion.”

Thankfully, not all doctors have their heads in the medico-political sand. Some surgeons and medical experts are trying to get the truth out.

Angela Lanfranchi, M.D., F.A.C.S., and Joel Brind, Ph.D., have an excellent, detailed online brochure about the risks for the development of breast cancer, called “Breast Cancer: Risks and Prevention ( Fourth Edition).” It covers all the known risks: contraceptives, abortion, family history, diet, etc.

Dr. Lanfranchi is clinical assistant professor of surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, New Jersey, and Dr. Brind is professor of human biology and endocrinology at Baruch College of the City University of New York.

Joel Brind has been working to expose the “ABC” link for two decades, and he talks about a “wall of denial” among many medical journals and their shuck-and-jive dance as they complain about case-control vs. cohort studies.

The Coalition on Abortion-Breast Cancer says this:

“It cannot be said that all women who have breast cancer have had abortions. Similarly, not all women who have had abortions will get breast cancer. Nevertheless, abortion is the most preventable risk factor for breast cancer.”

If we warn smokers about lung cancer, shouldn’t all girls and women be advised of the risks of abortion?

And Susan G. Komen needs to end its connection to Planned Parenthood, for this and many reasons. And none of them comes in the color pink.

Women, let’s rise up and tell these groups that pink is for real women, and real women do not help fund abortion.


Linda Harvey is president of Mission America and hosts a talk show on Salem affiliate WRFD in Columbus, Ohio.


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