Urgent Concern About Walmart

By Patrick Trueman, President & CEO, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Walmart seems to be going off the deep end!  Our staff has discovered that photo books with child nudity – if not child pornography – are being sold on Walmart’s website and we are demanding major policy changes.

I know it’s hard to believe but several table-top photography books by Jock Sturges are for sale at Walmart.com. These books depict completely nude children and adults on beaches and in other settings.  The pubic areas of the children are plainly visible in many of the photos.

Sturges was prosecuted for these same materials by my office when I was chief of the U. S. Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section because DOJ considered them to be child pornography.  Though the San Francisco U. S. Attorney’s office mishandled the case, I and others with law enforcement experience still believe that the material speaks for itself.

To whom is Walmart attempting to market these sexually explicit photographs of children?  Not to it’s family friendly audience. Sturges photo books are often found in porn collections of pedophiles by law enforcement investigating child porn cases.  The material is toxic to both pedophiles and others who seek out sexually explicit images of children.

We discovered this outrage when we were doing research on Walmart’s sale of Cosmopolitan magazine.  Last year Walmart promised us that it would put Cosmopolitan behind blinders in its stores because of the magazine’s highly sexualized content.  We applauded them then but in monitoring the stores we find that this policy is honored in the breach.  Now we are asking the company to just stop selling the magazine and, in light of what we discovered regarding Sturges porn books, to survey all its offerings and delete all sexually explicit material from its inventory.

One more thing – Walmart is also selling books on how to sexually traffic women into prostitution!  Pimpology and The Pimp’s Bible provided detailed tactics for aspiring pimps and have been widely condemned by anti-trafficking organizations.

Please stand with us in this critical matter.  Our letter to Walmart is attached.  See link below.

www.EndSexualExploitation.org I www.PornHarms.com