Pope Francis Got His Candidate of Choice

News from Gloria.TV

Yesterday Perugia Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti came in first in the vote of the Italian Bishops that proposed a new president of the Bishops’ Conference to Pope Francis. Today, Pope Francis named him who was his candidate of choice. Bassetti is a weak figure, who is beyond the retirement age of 75.

His nomination will not challenge the true strongman of the Conference, Monsignor Nunzio Galantino, whom Pope Francis imposed in December 2013 as the Secretary-General of the Conference making clear that through this move he wanted to sideline the then president, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco whom he de facto deemed too Catholic.

Galantino is pro-gay and pro-divorce. He thinks that the Church has concentrated too much on fighting abortion and euthanasia, and that priestly celibacy should be abolished.