Your Catholic Week in Review (CCHD Edition!)

CCI Editor’s Note: Good News! Due to the tireless work of Michael Hichborn and the Lepanto Institute, more dioceses are rejecting the Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection in favor of raising and distributing funds within their own diocese. After fighting the CCHD collection since its inception, I am thankful that Bishops are recognizing the true direction of the collection and putting an end to it in their Dioceses.

By Michael Hichborn, Lepanto Institute

Another disastrous CCHD collection nationwide as more and more parishes are dropping “Alinsky Bucks” into the collection plate rather than subsidize the Obama-Soros population control agenda.

This oft-criticized hub for Alinskyite activism is still trapped in a cycle of anti-Catholic political activism to incredibly shady organizations, as the USCCB finally released their list of 2016-2017 CCHD Grantees. The list is not encouraging in the slightest.

Click here to read the substance of our CCHD overview at the Lepanto Institute.

Meanwhile, the journalists bloggers over at the font of political leftism America Magazine have decided that even though faithful pewsitting Catholics have had enough with the misleading and seriously un-Catholic direction of the CCHD over the last decade, all is supposedly well — or at least, it’s well until it’s not:

But in the Archdiocese of New York this year, parishioners were informed that the collection was being directed instead to a new diocesan-sponsored entity, the Campaign for Charity and Justice. That alternative campaign is described as “an initiative to revitalize and increase Catholic Charities support for the charitable and justice work of parishes and community groups” within the archdiocese.

“We’ve been in discussion with C.C.H.D. for two to three years about this pilot program,” says George Horton, the director of Social and Community Development for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York. “We are going to take over the administration of the grant-making process in this diocese,” and New York fundraising will be directed explicitly to diocesan-based grantees.

…and why did the Archdiocese of New York make the shift? According to the CCHD itself, the grants will be directed towards organizations “that are more Catholic” — yes, they actually said that.

The America article spends about 70% of its energy insisting that the drop-off in confidence has nothing to do with the evidence presented by the Lepanto Institute to various priests and bishops — including the media itself (for instance, America never contacted Lepanto for comment for this article — a breach in journalistic ethics that would get mainstream reporters dismissed in an instant).

Of course, diocesan administrators taking their charitable and social outreach into their own hands is a direct response to Lepanto’s criticism of the CCHD and a direct implementation of our resolution to the crisis — make sure that local dioceses are responsible for the disbursement of Catholic funds.

How direct is it? The priests of the Diocese of Richmond — not exactly a diocese known for its orthodoxy — made their thoughts plainly clear:

Diocese Discontinues CCHD Collection
The Diocese of Richmond will no longer coordinate the collection for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Catholic Campaign for Human Development. That decision is the result of a unanimous vote last November by the Diocesan Priests Council to discontinue the collection, according to Father Dan Beeman, chair of the Priests Council. Bishop Francis DiLorenzo approved the vote.
The priests expressed concern over the transparency and consistency in how CCHD funds were distributed by the national CCHD office and believed that the Diocese of Richmond would be better served by directing efforts within its local parishes.

Unanimous, ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s be honest about what is happening here. Faithful Catholics are tired of hearing about donations going to the poor or to protect life ministries only to find out that their heartfelt gifts are being packaged off and sent to Alinkskyite “community organizing” groups who share more in common with political Marxists than the Catholic Faith.

Ralph McCloud (who heads the CCHD) is but one of a legion of bureaucrats who simply “know better” — a layer of bureaucrats between the Catholic faithful and our bishops who “know better” how to direct programs and feed cash to organizations who share precious little in common with the Catholic Church. In fact, most of these organizations at their core oppose everything Catholics believe about life, marriage, family, homosexuality and sodomy, and transgenderism… how can (and why should) Catholics link in common cause with evil in order to produce an ostensibly good result?

The short answer is, you can’t. CCHD can’t be reformed with its current leadership or mission. Which leaves the slow work of parishes and pewsitting Catholics to remind the USCCB that Saul Alinksky’s work will not be done in our name.