Alarm! PCHETA bill just passed the House

Urgent  – Take Action!

Dear friends,

Please please read this!  Please pray to the Holy Spirit!

And please read Ione Whitlock’s brilliant essay on her blog at titled “(5 Things You Should Know About Palliative Care.”

You and those on your lists are needed.  We need an army of soldiers to contact senators about The Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act!  Call them and tell them to vote “no” on S.693.

The senate is the last stop before this bill becomes law. It is much worse than an assisted suicide bill because it will force us to live in a country where the state decides who gets good healthcare and who does not.

Just when we thought we thought we were making progress on protecting life at all stages Satan has landed a big one!  This link is to a c-span video of House proceedings relating to appropriations bills on July 23.

The PCHETA bill passed by VOICE VOTE.  It stands for The Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act.  See H.R. 1676 (S.693).  It will give federal “juice” or 15 million dollars annually for the fundamental transformation of our healthcare system.  Life affirming decisions will be based on the “quality of life.”  We all know what that means. A healthcare system with built-in rationing!

You will find the discussion of this bill starting at about 59:00 minutes with the voice vote taken  at about 1:04 minutes.   Interesting that this happened on the watch of a retiring Speaker of the House. Amazing at how little time was allotted for debate on the floor. I read they gave the bill a total of 40 minutes!

Monumental social change with very little discussion on the floor? How could that be? Because the Third Path Euthanasia Movement’s lobby group called Patient Quality of Life Coalition has been highly visible on Capital Hill lobbying for this bill ever since about 2015.  And because there are only a handful of voices warning about today’s palliative care.

The bill will set up protocols for slow euthanasia of people targeted by age, multiple chronic conditions, marginal place in society,disabilities such as mental frailties, family disagreements about medical care, expensive caregiving, etc, etc.  Yes, it is really going to take us to the gates of hell.

The bill is in the Senate HELP Committee.  See  It is a stacked deck.  I am no expert but knowing who on this committee has worked against protecting the lives of aged over the years I suggest you might find a willingness to listen from these six Senators— Sen Burr of N.C, Sen Paul of KY, Sen Young of IN, Sen Roberts of KS and definitely Sen Scott of SC.  If you know of other good hearts on this committee I would like to know.  And of course contact all the good senators you know about.

You know what to say about palliative care.  It is a philosophy that looks at the down side or at the half empty glass of every illness or health condition.

Again, please go to Ione Whitlock’s blog

and read her brilliant essay “Five Things You Should Know about Palliative Care.”  She is the expert on palliative care.

May God be with you and may the Holy Spirit guide you.

Elizabeth Wickham <>

Raleigh, NC

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