You Can’t Be Aware of Breast Cancer if You’re Not Aware of This

Young women are making lifestyle choices based on false information promoted by breast cancer awareness groups.

By Patty Knap Blog, October 5, 2018

They’re starting to pop up again. Pink “breast cancer awareness” banners, ribbons, store displays, promotions for TV and radio interviews, walk-a-thons and magazine articles left and right.

Does acclaiming October as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and bombarding us with pink truly make a difference?

If crucial information spread by this campaign is false, it’s clearly not a positive difference. It’s only keeping women in the dark as to the full, politically incorrect truth about abortion.

The primary national breast cancer organizations raising tons of money for breast cancer either downplay and mock years of scientifically valid and conclusive research linking abortion and breast cancer — or they ignore it completely. The same goes for the link between hormonal contraceptives (like the birth control pill) and abortion.

It’s hypocritical enough that Planned Parenthood refuses to tell young women about the increased risk of breast cancer from abortion. But then, they’re selling abortion, so it’s no wonder why. Planned Parenthood claims to educate women about the risks of getting breast cancer, while they’re raking in millions in profit from a strong risk factor for it — abortion.

Exasperatingly, some fertility doctors are on the same bandwagon, not wanting to upset the pro-abortion crowd.

Even national cancer groups don’t want to go near the abortion/breast cancer (ABC) connection. They’ll list every possible — even minute — risk factor for getting breast cancer — but not the two primary preventable risk factors — having an abortion and taking birth control pills. It seems that some of these groups are pro-abortion themselves, or fear losing the financial backing of pro-abortionists.

Many organizations and websites cite a family history of breast cancer as being a risk factor, but that’s not a preventable risk factor. There’s nothing you can do to change your family history. Preventable risk factors such as a healthy weight, regular exercise, limited alcohol are routinely cited but what good is that if the top two risk factors are intentionally omitted?

And the statistics on the ABC link aren’t new. The link was scientifically established back in the 1970s, and confirmed over and over by 71 studies around the world ever since then. Breast cancer researcher Dr. Joel Brind has said that the ABC link is as strong and as established as the smoking/lung cancer link. Yet, unless you’re listening to conservative, Catholic or Evangelical media, you will not hear these facts, in spite of a solid month of breast cancer reports surrounding us. The mainstream media’s blackout on the ABC facts is astounding.

Young women are making lifestyle choices based on false information promoted by breast cancer awareness groups.

If you’re interested in reading the research, visit The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute’s website at