Crazy Church: Cardinal Cupich Celebrates Gay Crucifix

Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich, USA, published on Twitter the picture of a gay-themed crucifix., July 31,2019

The photo was taken on July 28 during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Parish St. Martha in Morton Grove.

It shows Cupich presiding a New Rite Eucharist, surrounded by four co-presiders. Behind Cupich on the wall is the crucifix.

It has the shape of the Saint Francis crucifix in Assisi and was produced by the self-declared homosexual Franciscan Brother Robert Lentz.

Lenz painted on the crucifix a muscular naked man, gliding through the outer space towards the view so that only his head, torso and arms are visible. Behind him is the Milky Way and a dark demon with outstretched hands.

Lentz called his crucifix “The Dance of Creation.” The demon he interprets as wisdom which “dances and sings playfully in the background.” first appeared at: