“The many contrived conclusions reached by Alfred C.

“The many contrived conclusions reached by Alfred C. Kinsey managed to weave themselves into the very fabric of American life. Among others, Kinsey taught that the goal of intercourse should be pleasure, not love, which paved the way for approving every conceivable form of noncommittal sexual activity. He also highly recommended sexuality activity between adults and children, including incest. All forms of sodomy are natural and healthy, he said and, with the use of erroneous numbers, tried to prove that homosexuality was more prevalent in our society than heterosexuality.”

The Kinsey Institute is well aware of what could happen if the public is ever allowed access to its archives, and for this reason, they refuse to let anyone see their records. This includes the authorities. “If the FBI were to come and demand to see our histories,” Kinsey photographer Clarence Tripp once said to biographer Gawthorne-Hardy, “I would destroy them first.”