Our Catholic Citizens of Illinois’ Forum Luncheon Series On February 14, 2020 Featured Lumen Christi Scholar-In-Residence Rev. Paul V. Mankowski, S. J. on: “CRISIS IN THE CHURCH: REFORM OR REFORMATION?”

A Church in crisis can bring forth great reforms. But also, false reformers. As Jesus said: “the blind, who will only lead the blind into the ditch.” But Jesus also reassures: “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.”

Will the current crisis in the Church bring forth good fruit? Or will our ravening wolves propose cures worse than the disease?

On Friday, February 14, our Catholic Citizens Forum Luncheon, presented Fr. Paul Mankowski, the Lumen Christi’s scholar-in-residence, speak on “Crisis in the Church: Reform or Reformation?”

See Fr. Mankowski’s remarks, posted soon, at CatholicCitizensTV.