Mammoth and Meaningless: New ‘church’ at Fatima draws criticism as being a shrine of ecumenism, not Catholicism

The ecumenical intent of the building appears obvious. Cardinal Saraiva Martins said on Portuguese television that the new basilica is Fatima for the 21st Century and a sign of inculturation, putting the Church right in the middle of modern culture. Bishop Antonio Marto, the Bishop of Lierra-Fatima, said in mid-2006 that the new basilica at Fatima will not be an ecumenical temple, but qualified that the identity of Fatima “allows space for universal and interreligious dialogue.” In other words, the church at Fatima will not be an interreligious shrine, but a “Catholic” shrine where ecumenical activity occasionally occurs. (to see the full story with pictures, CLICK HERE)