Just what religion is promoted at Cardinal Mahony’s so-called “Catholic congress?” Subversive and heterodox groups take center stage in LA

The Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, scheduled for February 26 – March 1, features some of the most progressive voices in the American Catholic church. Cardinal Mahony appears unmoved that a fellow bishop has excommunicated some of them. The Los Angeles Religious Education Congress is quite a fixture. Catholics have been complaining about it at least since 1993 (which is as far back as my file on the subject goes, though, from the look of the articles written in that year, I’d guess this wasn’t a new issue). The most glaring fact about the Congress has been its blatant relationship with the dissident Catholic movement, Call to Action. Just which religious is being espoused here? This year’s Congress is due to be held February 26 – March 1, 2009.