Bishop Morlino Advises Catholics to Embrace the Common Law of Human Reason to Defend the Faith

As we engage in public debate about social policies that have such a grave moral outcome, it’s important for Catholics to recognize that “the natural law of human reason is human, not Catholic. We’re not asked anyone to go to Mass or accept the Catholic sacraments,” said Bishop Morlino, when we base our moral arguments on human reason and common sense. It is in the best interest of humanity that we insist that the civil laws reflect the common law of human reason, the natural law. The Bishop insisted that Catholics have to make this clear to our opponents as well as to our supporters. How does one define the common law of human reason? Bishop Morlino noted that there are four components: firstly, the fact that God exists; second, that each individual has sacred dignity; third, the sanctity of marriage; and fourth, that violence is irrational.