Support for Homosexuals and Abortionists is a “Strength,” Claim the Ignorant Editors of Loyala Student Newspaper

Loyola University is no stranger to the Newman Society’s scorn, as reported in the March 25 issue of the Phoenix. The society criticized the Queer Film Series sponsored by our Student Diversity and Cultural Affairs Office, calling the event an “obscene” portrayal of sexual ideologies and likening the films to pornography. The Newman Society is also behind a cross-country campaign to end performances of the Vagina Monologues on Catholic campuses; Loyola students performed the Monologues on campus in February. In response to the Queer Film Series criticism, Vice President of Student Affairs Richard Salmi, S.J., told the Phoenix, “Grounded in our Catholic faith tradition, Loyola University Chicago believes that demonstrating our openness to explore complex issues are marks of our strength and vitality.” These words seem to mirror Jenkins’ sentiments, as well as those of the Editorial Board. (CCI NOTES: While the rot might start at the top of the so-called “Catholic” Universities, the decades of spiritual corruption are deeply seeded in the student population.)