A Cover Up at Georgetown

What is it about Catholic universities and our current president? As everyone knows by now, Notre Dame, the flagship Catholic university in the United States is presenting an honorary degree (in law of all things) to the most radically pro-abortion president in history. And now we learn that Georgetown, the most prominent Jesuit university in the country, in order to satisfy the demands of the Obama White House, covered up all the religious symbols in its Gaston Hall when the President spoke there recently. Most egregiously, they placed black-painted wood over the golden letters IHS which were inconveniently situated directly over the president’s lectern. These are the first three letters of the name of Jesus in Greek, IHSOUS, which were adopted five centuries ago by St. Ignatius of Loyola as a special emblem of his order, the Society of Jesus. The White House evidently wanted a background of flags and drapery for the president’s policy speech and resolved that the IHS and other religious signage should be obscured.