Saving Notre Dame: The “Keyes” to sending the lyin’ McBrien flyin’

Recently on FOX News I saw Kathleen Donahue, Notre Dame student and head of Notre Dame Right to Life, fend off questions about Obama’s upcoming visit. And, while unlike CNN or ABC, the news anchors were generally sympathetic, she still had to answer to a rather nasty liberal comment attributed to none other than Notre Dame’s noted theological dissident, Fr. Richard “The Lyin’-Hearted” McBrien. And while Ms. Donahue debunked Father’s drivel (McBrien flippantly claimed the flap over Obama’s speech was only due to a few “fringe far-right Republicans who were still sore that McCain lost”) with more dignity than it deserved, it reminded me once again how enthralled the MSM is with this menace of theology, and how crucial to the quest of saving Notre Dame his banishment from the University truly is.