Quarantine Kmiec and CNS to protect the faithful from Cafeteria Catholic Swine Flu

Doug Kmiec has a disease – CCSF (Cafeteria Catholic Swine Flu). It’s a problem frequently found in cafeteria Catholics. The symptoms are brain fever illustrated by inability to think clearly (effect on the brain is similar to Mad Cow Disease), frequent vomiting of heresy, and full body rashness. This is not a new disease. It was seen in the entire bench of Catholic bishops under King Henry VIII with the lone exception of St. John Fisher. He was immune, vaccinated by courage, holiness and fidelity to Catholic truth. Unfortunately, many U.S. bishops appear to be infected with the disease. How else can one explain allowing their own communication mouthpiece, Catholic News Service (CNS), to spread CCSF through airborne transmission of Kmiec’s sick views? Let him be a columnist for the National “Catholic” Reporter (NCR) which promotes abortion, same-sex marriage, and every other immoral liberal position. Most NCR readers already have advanced CCSF so Kmiec’s virus wouldn’t infect anyone new.