Obsessed With Sex: Catholic Universities in America Must Be Cleaned Up By the Vatican

The Church’s homosexual problem is well known. The priesthood is plagued with sexual libertines who have undermined the prestige, authority and sanctity of the Church. The problem with colleges is less well known, but because colleges shape minds, the damage done to the Church spiritually might be much greater, and it needs the kind of exposure the dastardly Paul Shanley received. One hopes the Holy Father is aware of the carnal shenanigans with which Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic college in America, opened Lent. Or that two days after Easter, the university infamously covered up the Jesuit IHS monogram, which symbolizes the name of Jesus, for President Barack Hussein Obama’s speech on economics at Gaston Hall. And that Catholic colleges routinely invite pro-abortion politicians to deliver speeches. The latest affront to Catholic sensibility in that regard is Notre Dame University’s invitation to Obama, a radical supporter of abortion, to give the commencement address at Notre Dame University on May 17.