Researcher John C. Iannone On the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin

For centuries the Shroud of Turin has inspired millions of Christians and is generally considered to be the most extraordinary relic in Christendom. The advances in science over the past 40 years have increased the profile of the holy Shroud, which has been submitted to highly technical analysis and scrutiny. For over 30 years, author, lecturer and movie producer John C. Iannone has been researching and writing about the Shroud of Turin, and his lecture on May 3, 2009 to the members of Catholic Citizens of Illinois was more exciting and intriguing than an episode of “CSI.” Mr. Iannone was motivated to study the Shroud when in 1978 he learned of the team of scientists who had been assembled to conduct the first detailed analysis of the relic. The Shroud of Turin Research Project (STRP) is credited with identifying some of the most compelling scientific proof that the Shroud is indeed the burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth. “The Shroud is truly ecumenical,” said Mr. Iannone. “People of all Christian denominations are amazed by the Shroud. It speaks to the heart and soul of our Christian message.” Modern scientific study of the Shroud began in the late 1800’s when an amateur photographer took the first pictures. When converted to negatives, they showed a clear image of the body and face, bringing to view for the first time details never before seen. As a result, Turin became a popular destination for Christians and the Shroud became an international sensation.