From the White House to Main Street: Plan a House or Church Party for Life: Organized for Life continues its “Taking Things to the Next Level” campaign with Pro-Life Party Week

Flag Day marks the next event of Organized for Life’s “Taking Things to the Next Level” campaign. Flag Day (June 14) will kick off Pro-Life Party Week, a cutting-edge strategy to co-opt liberal tactics and bring an end to taxpayer funded abortions. The United States government, with our taxes, funds abortion, forcing every born citizen to participate in the abortion industry. Activists will bring people into their homes to participate in a landmark effort to stop taking our hard-earned dollars to pay for the destruction of life. By rescinding the Mexico City policy, the Obama administration requires taxpayers to fund abortions abroad. His administration is also pressuring Congress to fund abortion in Washington, DC and considering repealing the Hyde Amendment, which strictly limits federal funding of abortion. “It’s time to say that our flag, the symbol of our nation, will finally stand for LIFE, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.”