“Pious, optimistic, evasive, sad and damaging all at the same time” Denver archbishop harshly criticizes Notre Dame and its president over Obama commencement speech

In a strong statement released on Monday, Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput blamed Notre Dame president Fr. John Jenkins and the university for betraying the true, original goal of Catholic higher education, not only by conferring a degree on President Barack Obama despite his anti-life record, but for attempting a disingenuous justification for the invitation during his commencement speech on Sunday. Quoting Fr. Jenkins when he said, “I have found that even among those who did not go to Notre Dame, even among those who do not share the Catholic faith, there is a special expectation, a special hope, for what Notre Dame can accomplish in the world,” Archbishop Chaput said, “Most graduation speeches are a mix of piety and optimism designed to ease students smoothly into real life. The best have humor. Some genuinely inspire. But only a rare few manage to be pious, optimistic, evasive, sad and damaging all at the same time.”