Movie Corner: “Land of the Lost” is NOT appropriate for children

“Land of the Lost” (Universal), the innocent, mildly cheesy Saturday morning TV show from the 1970s, has morphed into an overblown, special-effects-laden, but plot-thin star vehicle for comedian Will Farrell. In this new translation, Rick Marshall (Farrell) is a washed-up scientist who claims that his invention, the “tachyon amplifier,” is a time machine. He sets out to prove his point and clear his name with disastrous consequences. In one of many departures from the TV show that will raise the ire of baby boomers, “Land of the Lost” is no longer a family adventure. Holly (Anna Friel) is not Rick’s young daughter but a comely Cambridge academic who sheds her trousers for hot pants as she pants for Rick. Will (Danny McBride) is a sleazy carnival operator who is always high on something (and it’s not life).