L’Osservatore Obama?

At the very least you’d think the Vatican’s unofficial newspaper (but whose views are taken as gospel about the Pope’s) would not fall for the same-old, same-old stuff that MSM’s are in the United States-and be fawningly infatuated with Barack Obama. Especially since about 80 U.S. bishops found the guts to stand up to him on abortion. But that’s the way it is-and it would indeed be lovely if Benedict would serve up a pink slip to the paper’s editor. Item: two articles-on Obama’s first 100 days and his Notre Dame speech-sounded like the Mediterranean edition of the cuddly “New York Times.” On April 29 the headline was “The 100 Days that Did Not Shake the World” with the copy stating that the new president is not as radical on social issues as was expected-neglecting to point out Obama’s record as a state legislator in killing the Born Alive bill, thus depriving dying infants from botched abortions even the common decency of nutrition and comfort. Nor was there a solitary word about the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) that Obama promised Planned Parenthood he would sign.