Catholic Movie Corner: “Angels and Demons: More Demonic than Angelic”

Disparaging the Catholic Church is the real purpose of the latest Dan Brown/Ron “Opie” Howard movie “Angels and Demons.” Bill Donohue, President of the anti-defamation Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is demanding a disclaimer as the team who produced “The DaVinci Code” uses the same confusing mix of “fact and fiction” to spin a suspenseful conspiracy tale revolving around a secret [long thought moribund society], the Illuminati. The League has published a booklet, “Angels and Demons: More Demonic Than Angelic” to debunk the mythology, lies and smears of Dan Brown’s book made into a movie which was released on May 15th in U.S. theaters. Donohue states, “As with “The DaVinci Code,” the real problem lay in Brown’s deceit. He takes real life characters, like Copernicus and Galileo; and real life organizations, like the Illuminati; and real life issues, like science and religion, and blows them to smithereens.”