Support Community for the Divorced Starts Up in U.S. following the Example of a Community in Italy

Americans, inspired by a ministry from Sicily, are starting a support community for divorced or separated Catholics who remain faithful to marriage. On June 21, the Italian Bishop’s conference’ newspaper Avvenire ( covered a retreat day in Palermo Sicily, for those who reaffirmed their marriage vows with the “Renewal of the I do.” The day “is the concluding moment of the year long encounter and healing activities of the “Saint Mary of Cana” group, founded by the family pastoral arm of the Palermo Archdiocese upon the initiative of Maria Pia Campanella.” “Saint Mary of Cana” in the US is presently a project of Mary’s Advocates, a non-profit 501(c)(3). They are seeking to collaborate with diocese in the United States. Director, Bai Macfarlane says, “We reject the divorce culture’s indoctrination that our marriage is dead or that we have new lives as single people.”