Old ‘Call to Action’ to break with Catholic Church: Founding of the American Catholic Council signaled the aim of creating a church both Catholic and American.

In January, ex-Jesuit Robert Blair Kaiser, co-president of TakeBackOurChurch.org, formally announced the American Catholic Council, “aimed at creating a new kind of Church, both Catholic and American.” The proposal for such a council goes back to the summer 2007 newsletter of the Association for the Rights of Catholic in the Church – ARCC. Reminiscent of the first Call to Action conferenc e, convened in Detroit in 1976 amid bicentennial high hopes of creating a “democratic Catholic” church, the American Catholic Council will also meet in Detroit in the fall of 2011, the 35th Anniversary of that first Call to Action conference and the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. Again, like the original Call to Action Conference of 1976, the American Catholic Council is being preceded by several years of preparation that include “hearings” and “recommendations” about Church “problems.” [Leonard Swidler, “Proposal for an American Catholic Council,” ARCC Light, ARCC newsletter, May/June/July 2007] This time, however, the bishops will not be participating in the assault.