Blind Obedience is NOT a Virtue

The latest issue of Christifidelis, from the St. Joseph Foundation, is out and it’s a corker! The lead article by Philip Gray, J.C.L. is a great discussion on what obedience is and when a person is required to obey a lawful authority. Obedience is a subset of the cardinal virtue of justice which requires us to give to God and neighbor what is due to them. We owe absolute obedience to God, so all other laws are subservient to and subject to God’s laws. When there’s a conflict between God’s law and a lower law, guess what we have to do? “We must obey the higher [law] lest we sin.” There are limits on human authority. “Directives that violate divine law must be ignored, and in many circumstances we have an obligation to resist them actively.” Gray gives China’s forced abortion laws as an example.