The Most Trusted Man in America? Hah!

Such is American “mainstream media’s” preoccupation with fact-free labeling is that when pompous old phony Walter Cronkite died at 92 last week the canard floated freely from the news agencies that here was “the most trusted man in America.” Ironically by trusting this egocentric faux sage, Americans and its president were misled to lose America’s first war. True one would hope a president would be resolute enough not to be swung to and fro by someone like Cronkite… or to base the act of winning a war on public sentiment and to pursue through to the end… but such was the case with Lyndon Johnson in the late 1960s. And also with the media where in an era of no cable, no internet, no talk radio the biggest megaphones were held by CBS, ABC and NBC along with the unflaggingly liberal big urban dailies and newsmagazines.