Com’on Cardinal O’Malley, We Catholic Sheep Aren’t as Dumb as You Think

The latest prelate who flunked the test between standing up to a powerful media-centric Irish Democratic family and doing was is right, issued a statement yesterday trying to justify himself. Like a few other prelates and so-called princes of the Church, Sean Cardinal O’Malley thinks he can bluff us, aided by the pro-abortion Boston Globe with ran his statement approvingly. Given Ted Kennedy’s long hostility to supporting the cause of life-his support of the horrendous partial birth abortion procedure-and his advocacy of gay rights and embryonic stem cell “research”-and given the precedents the Church is supposed to follow about burying publicly unrepentant heretics-O’Malley, like some other archbishops who seek to justify their pragmatism, issued a statement on his blog full of parsing-parsing-parsing which has become the strategy of choice for evasive clerical apologists when their spines turn to spaghetti when confronted by political power, liberal media and big dough-in the case of the powerful Kennedys all three.