Fr. J. Patrick Serna, Saint Michael the Archangel Parish: “Please do not show Obama’s message to our Catholic children”

“I write to you with the hope and prayer that you will reverse your decision to play Barack Hussein Obama’s “message” tomorrow. I write this to you as one who is an American Citizen, as one who was born and raised in Corpus Christi proper, as a man who was ordained to the priesthood in this Diocese, as the priest who he lps pay 50% of the tuition for two of your students, and as a priest who pays $30,000.00 per year so that 13 youth from my parish can attend Catholic Schools in this diocese. I am shocked and in disbelief, as several parents from St. Patrick’s and as other laity and priests are in shock and disbelief, that you plan on showing Obama’s video tomorrow. I send this letter approximately 24 hours before the huge scandal might happen, with the hope that you will reverse your decision. Several other parents have called and written to you, asking you not to do this thing. You saw the great scandal which Notre Dame brought down upon itself, the Catholic Church in that diocese and the Catholic Church in America, when it brought Obama to its school. Will you not learn from history? Will you bring the very same scandal to our OWN DIOCESE, tomorrow, by bringing this pro abortion president into an elementary school which claims to be “Catholic”? Please do not do this thing, it is not too late.”