Bishop Morlino Misses the Mark and an Opportunity by Lambasting Critics of Kennedy Funeral

With all due respect to Bishop Morlino the true seamless garment is Christ’s teaching, transmitted through the Gospel and tradition, about the inherent worth of human creation. What lasting good does a politician offer to society if he cares for the material needs of the poor while also purveying abortion to them at the same time?
Bishop Morlino also references the “false catechesis” provided to Kennedy by priests and theologians such as Charles Curran, Rev. Robert Drinan and Rev. Richard McCormick. Again, I would take issue with the word “catechesis” here. In his book, The Birth of Bioethics (Oxford, 2003), ex-Jesuit, Albert Jonsen, does not describe the meetings between Joseph Fuchs, Curran, McCormick and others as catechetical in nature, but as strategic. Kennedy was looking for a way to rationalize and redefine his view on abortion, so the powerful pro-abortion lobby, which included NARAL and NOW, could be counted on for monetary support of the Democratic party. His “theological advisors” were trying to muddy the waters for Catholics and they did. We are now reaping what they have sewn in the Church today. To suggest that Kennedy was somehow looking for catechetical guidance is naive given the public positions on life issues and artificial contraception such advisors openly advocate. Second, I do not believe Ted Kennedy was “confused” or challenged by moral “ambiguity” because of the “theological advice” he was given. Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI have been unequivocal on the right to life and the protections which a just society is required to afford the unborn, the sick and the elderly. No average church going Catholic I know has any doubt about what the Church really teaches beyond the ambivalence of some of their pastors. Moreover, his sister Eunice Shriver, who fully embraced Catholic pro-life teaching, was a clear and abiding example in his life. Surely, Bishop Morlino does not really believe that Ted Kennedy was “confused” about what the Church taught.