Is Jimmy Carter Channeling Saul Alinsky?

Read Rules for Radicals. If you want to combat Madison Avenue’s manipulative advertising tactics, you need to know what they are. If you want to combat the community organizer’s plans you need to know when he’s trying to “freeze, personalize, and polarize” you. Maybe we need to develop our own book of rules for fighting the radicals. We have a good start already — The Ten Commandments and the Eight Beatitudes. Our standard bearer is Christ the King. Our boot camp is in Church. As for Jimmy Carter, his statements about racism, whether misguided or deliberately provocative, indicate he is willing to slander good Americans to advance the liberal agenda. It reflects badly on him and puts him squarely in the camp of Saul Alinsky and those willing to use any immoral means to a bad end. Shame on you, Jimmy, you should have stuck with peanut farming.