Fr. John Corapi on the Cause of Today’s Meltdown of Western Civilization

A ten minute YouTube video of excerpts from a past EWTN interview with Fr. John Corapi has been making its way onto many Internet blogs and websites recently. Its perceived high relevance to the West’s ongoing cultural and social meltdown appears to be the reason for its popularity. Corapi’s blunt comments in the video titled, “Fr. Corapi and Corruption in the Church,” take head on the contraception, abortion and euthanasia issues and his perception of the root cause of their deadly rise. Corapi states that the rejection of Pope Paul’s encyclical Humane Vitae “has everything to do with everything that you’re seeing now – the meltdown of Western Civilization.” He indicates that because of the resulting explosive spread of contraceptive use and it’s frequent failure, the backup method of abortion has itself “become a form of contraception.” He adds, “Pope Paul VI warned about that.”