Is totalitarian conquest of USA already complete?

As the ruling (no longer governing) political party in the US continues to work fast and furiously to create and pass legislation designed to eliminate any remaining liberties guaranteed US citizens by the US Constitution and create a massive dependent-class of said citizens beholden only to it – and the opposition party ignores its works and sits on its collective derri-re – the answer to my question “is the totalitarian conquest of the USA already a fait accompli?” has become tragically obvious. With Obama continuing to build his ‘you-report-only-to-me’ force of Marxist Czars (seemingly calculated to replace those positions that have traditionally had to pass Congressional scrutiny) and his already expressed disdain for the US’ establishment document, it strongly appears to be so. But there are even more definitive examples. Let’s take a look at a few. With regards to the ongoing attempts by US citizens to gain the truth about Obama’s “natural born citizen” status, the Dictator-in-Chief has spent at least $1-1.5Millions to keep his true birth certificate and all of his college and other school records hidden from the public.