God: the soul of conservatism

Readers of both RenewAmerica and American Thinker should pay careful thought and scrutiny to Mr. Shane Corsey’s recent contribution to the latter’s pages: “God, Conservatism, and Values.” Mr. Corsey’s piece is a welcome stimulant to a discussion conservatives need to have among themselves regarding the metaphysical underpinnings of their philosophy and their policy proposals. Corsey is an agnostic, and it his aim to promote a conservatism that is religion-neutral, though not value-neutral: One of the reasons I am a proud conservative is because it comes closest to the belief of what our Founding Fathers had in mind for this country, and the values of that system give an equal shake to anyone who wishes to come here. Religion in my opinion is not as forgiving, and can be as big of a divider in this country as race.