www.bellarmineveritasministry.org Raises More Questions Surrounding CCHD Grantees

In this second part of our report on CCHD grantees whose actions and associations are deserving of further investigation by the USCCB, we will examine an alliance that has developed between seven CCHD grantees, several Catholic Charities branches and a voter mobilization coalition that has the express goal of indoctrinating immigrants to further a pro-abortion and progressive political agenda. Before detailing the grantees and Catholic groups involved, it is important to first give some background on this voter mobilization organization: Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (MIV) is a coalition of like minded organizations who have developed an immigrant voter mobilization strategy which goes far beyond voter registration. In their own words: “It is important to note that policy change is one of the longest term goals of MIV.”The MIV explains its theory of producing social “change” as follows: “Over time, and when conducted at a sufficient scale, MIV’s partner organizations’ successful movement-building electoral organizing will cause a marked shift in the consciousness of the electorate within a region, the credibility of organizations’ message, and the overall political power that these organizations hold with elected officials and policy-makers.”