Do you object to the corruption, fraud and left-wing politics of the CCHD? You must be one of the hateful, politically motivated conservatives out to oppress the poor, according to the Archdiocese of Chicago

CCI NOTES: With the New Orleans office of ACORN having been raided over the weekend by the FBI (that’s the same ACORN that has received MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the US Catholic Bishops via the annual CCHD collection) one would think that the US Bishops would wise up and back off this years collection. But no… Instead of attacking the crooks who have ripped them off for decades, the Archdiocese of Chicago has identified the REAL enemy… it is the “fervent and hateful” CRITICS of the CCHD! Instead of demanding a top-to-bottom reform of CCHD, the new Chicago director Rey Flores insists “the time has come to rally in defense of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.” Sadly, Rey and the Archdiocese know full well how corrupt the CCHD has become, which makes their attacks on the faithful Catholics who oppose this corrupt program bizarre, but not unexpected. We have published the Archdiocese letter attacking CCHD critics, and followed it with a response to the letter by Stephanie Block. Catholic Citizens of Illinois has joined the national protest of this years collection, and encourage Chicago Catholics who want to help the poor to donate to a local shelter or food bank, rather than political organizing and crime.