Church officials, critics clash over Catholic Campaign for Human Development

I asked two organizations – American Life League and Human Life International – if they might have a response to the… letter (from the Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Peace and Justice blasting critics of the CCHD.) Michael Hichborn, a researcher and spokesman for American Life League, who said “The charge that criticisms of the CCHD are rooted in partisan politics is patently false.” Stephen Phelan, communications director for Human Life International and a spokesman for said “It would be more helpful, though, if the Archdiocese of Chicago’s CCHD could distinguish between what they call ‘hateful’ criticism and that which our partners at the Bellarmine Veritas Ministry and certain others have offered: factual reports on organizations that have been – and, in some cases, continue to be – funded by the national CCHD. Publicly acknowledging legitimate criticism is a sign of strength; tarring all critics with unfair charges and name-calling doesn’t help anyone and certainly doesn’t serve the truth.”