Vanishing Characteristics of Belief

Everywhere we hear that the necessity for a dogmatic belief, the profession of a fixed creed, the certainty of any doctrines whatever that have a right to command the submission of the human understanding, slips away increasingly from the minds of men. The cold sophistry of certain men, esteemed by not a few as the thinkers of the age, has gone so far as to proclaim that God cannot be known by man [a la Paul VI], and that all left for man is to reverence in some negative way what he can neither approach nor understand. God is to be sent into exile from the world that He has created, and the creature may no longer know his Creator. Dreadful it is to reflect that such a notion has found a following [Paul VI]. But once throw aside the Church’s divine authority and replace it with man’s private opinion, and what is there that man will not substitute for God’s revealed truth? What truth implanted in our nature will not be driven off by the pride of self-opinion?