Getting to the Root of the Problem with the CCHD

Why is it that we see so many problems with CCHD and the organizations that they fund? While they have cleaned up their act considerably from the days that they openly and wantonly funded groups at odds with Church teaching, they still have not been adequately successful in purging themselves of past demons. I propose that the reason for this lies in CCHD’s roots. CCHD is essentially formed around the ideology of the architect of community organizing, Saul D. Alinsky. Saul Alinsky is a complex figure who formed his ideology from a variety of sources especially from Marxism. However, one cannot say that he was purely aligned with Marxism, though he did seem to most consistently espouse the gradualism of Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist. Gramsci promoted a gradualist sort communist revolution that relied on infiltrating the “oppressing” source of power and using the dialectic process in a transformative approach rather than fomenting bloody revolution.