Catholic Book Corner: Former Christendom College Politics Prof. William R. Luckey’s 14 part lecture series is highly recommended to all CCI readers

CCI NOTES: After 10 years of listening and re-listening to Dr. William Luckey’s 14 part lecture series ‘Principles of Political Theory’ on cassette tapes, it is a pleasure to recommend them to all our readers as they are now available on CD in MP3 at a bargin, BARGAIN price of just $9.97 for the ENTIRE SET of 14 lectures. This is one of the best overviews of political theory from a Catholic perspective we have come across, and it is highly recommended for any Catholic interested in deepening their understanding of what has caused many of the political problems our nation faces, and how they can be overcome. These lectures are timeless reminders of Catholic truth, and a ‘must have’ for every Catholic library. To order your copies (buy 2 and give one to a friend), CLICK HERE.