The Scandal of John Carr at the USCCB

It’s a shame to pick on just one individual when there are so many other deserving souls at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) but John Carr, who for years served as Secretary for its Department of Social Development and World Peace and now heads its Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development (same game; different name) has certainly been a major influence in the place. Now, if one had no further knowledge than the above, one might reasonably expect someone serving an Episcopal conference of the Catholic Church under a title of “justice” and “human development” would be a champion of the most vulnerable a deeply oppressed, in short, of Catholic social justice teachings. Instead, we discover that Mr. Carr has, while serving the USCCB, also chaired the board of theCenter for Community Change, not to mention other leadership positions with this progressive, pro-abortion political group.