After allowing New Ways Ministry 32 years of heretical preaching, Catholic bishops’ condemnation of pro-gay ministry is too little and too late

As president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Francis George’s statement opposing New Ways Ministry is as disingenuous as New Ways Ministry’s claim that it supports Catholic sexual morality. (see below). As documented in my book, The Rite of Sodomy, New Ways is only incidentally religious, i.e., it uses religion solely to advance the political ends of the Homosexual Collective within and without the Church. Yet it has never lacked for support from the American hierarchy including Bishops Gumbleton, Sullivan (Walter), Clark, Povish, McRaith, Costello (Thomas), Buswell, Symons, Untener, Weakland, Quinn (Francis), Wuerl, Mattheisen, O’Keefe, Imesch, McNamara, Hughes, Morneau, Lucker, Friend, Cummins, Murphy (Francis), Rodimer and Rosazza. New Ways could never have survived without the active support of the Salvatorians, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, and numerous other Catholic religious orders.