“Bogus Compassion” is Killing Children and Corrupting Society: Belgian Philosopher

The Catholic Church is suffering from one of the modern world’s most dangerous philosophical errors – that of false compassion, says Michel Schooyans, one of Europe’s leading philosophical minds. In a new essay, Schooyans writes that the corruption of compassion has created a climate in which it is anathema to condemn the killing of children by abortion and, more recently, by post-natal infanticide. It also has led, he says, to the abolition of the traditional definition of marriage; the spread of AIDS through the “safe sex” doctrine; and a resurgence of the deadly eugenics policies of the early 20th century. “Pseudo-compassion,” Schooyans writes, “leads to heresy and division within the Church, because it incites the faithful to deviate from a non-negotiable element of the doctrine of the Church: the duty to respect innocent life.