Ave Maria Controversy about Honoring Tom Golisano, Notorious Supporter of Pro-Abortion Politicians

Matt Abbott at Renew America has an interesting article covering the on-going scandal at Ave Maria University. Ave Maria named their sports complex after Tom Golisano in exchange for a $4 million grant. Galisano’s also funnelled millions of dollars into the campaign chests of NARAL-endorsed candidates including the most pro-abortion politician in history, Barack Obama. But Galisano claims he has “always” been pro-life. Wow! Our mothers told us actions speak louder than words, but when you want a piece of the Golisano pie maybe the only action that matters is the hand filling out the “pay to” line on the fat check. Apparently some prominent Catholics think the scandal is insignificant. Deal Hudson and Keith Fournier are cheerleading for Ave Maria’s decision to honor Golisano while attacking The Wanderer for covering the scandal and dismissing the “peanut gallery of whining negative critics” (like me) who think honoring Golisano is wrong. Seems money covers a multitude of sins including using your millions to facilitate the murder of the innocent by electing radical pro-aborts.