WWW.LIFESITENEWS.COM Talks with the Pro-life Primate of Traditional Anglican Communion on Life and Family

Archbishop John Hepworth described the experience of a tribe in New Guinea, which can still remember when war canoes would come down the river and take a young person to eat for strength before a battle, a practice which only ended in the 1960s. “Using stem cell drugs derived from killed human beings in order to wave off disease is no different in the human attitude,” he said. “Same temptations everywhere, we just think our temptations are more civilized.” The archbishop also commented on the controversial issue of the use of the morning after pill for rape victims, which has been permitted in Catholic hospitals by a number of dioceses in North America. Calling the morning after pill “an abortion agent,” he explained, “The Catholic mind, and I’m really trying to develop a Catholic mind the best I can at this stage, … firstly says, you do not cure one evil by creating an even greater evil.”