Health Care Reform: Government To Have Access To Americans Medical Records

If anyone has time to go through the more than 2,700 pages in the Senate version of the current health care reform bill, there are some aspects of this legislation that should send a chill down the spine of any American. But, for a moment, let’s take time to review how medical records have been shared in the past. Whenever you saw a new physician, one of the first things they needed was your past medical history, specifically related to what a doctor might need to know about your treatment. This new doctor would ask you to sign a release form to be sent to a physician who treated you previously to share specific information. These forms were only good for a prescribed period of time and detailed exactly what information you did and did not want shared with the new doctor. For example, a specialist might need to know about any pre-existing conditions which might have an impact on a medical procedure he or she might perform.