United States Faces Demographic Bomb, Coming Underpopulation Problems

In view of the many public efforts to increase access to contraception and sterilization, it is reasonable to suppose that we face a baby-boom crisis of epic proportions. An impending critical situation would make the proposed economic stimulus plans in 2008 more reasonable. The proposed plans included tens of billions of dollars for contraception and sterilization.

Surely a looming demographic explosion justifies the Affordable Care Act, and its oft-critiqued HHS mandate that offers contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs with no out of pocket costs. Supporters of the stimulus plans stated that fewer births would lead to cost savings for financially strapped states, and the HHS mandate was justified by the Institute of Medicine because “cost savings due to contraceptive use [are] estimated to be 19.3 billion.”

These initiatives might be indicative of a society that is having way too many babies, a burdensome road that cannot be continued. Economic crash, poverty, and a loss of freedom must be averted, so turn on the lights, use “protection,” but whatever you do, stop having babies, America!