The Apostolic Nuncio Explains It All

Religious freedom, persecution, and martyrdom in the age of Obama.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigan-, the Vatican’s Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, is a well-traveled man, having served in Iraq, Kuwait, Great Britain, Strasbourg, Nigeria and, now, the United States.
As a churchman and a diplomat, the Archbishop is in a unique position to analyze threats to religious liberty and practice (“a fundamental and non-derogable right”) under a variety of political regimes throughout the world. A month ago he offered his views on the subjects of religious freedom, persecution, and martyrdom at the University of Notre Dame conference, “Seed of the Church: Telling the Story of Today’s Christian Martyrs.”

Archbishop Vigan-‘s remarks are timely in light of the current Administration’s efforts to dragoon Catholic institutions into becoming funders of abortion, abortaficients, contraception, and sterilization in violation of Church law, tradition, and the consciences of the faithful.